Our Approach

VSG’s work in the public sector covers a broad range of clients, from large government bodies to hospitals, universities and schools.

We understand the unique challenges in providing security to this highly diverse world of employees, customers and service users, and the need to operate within stringent budgetary constraints.

We know that services in this sector must be visible and reassuring – but must withstand the inevitable close scrutiny of operating in a public funded environment.

Our intelligence-led approach and highly experienced management teams understand the range of operational environments and risk profiles in the sector, and the need to be highly compliant and ready for change at local, national and political level.

Our integrated service model offers a real opportunity for public sector organisations to implement integrated security solutions that better protect people, property and assets and ensure service continuity to the public, while delivering genuine value to all stakeholders.

  • Compliance with all legislative and regulatory requirements
  • Established networks with government and law enforcement agencies
  • Providing training, development and life opportunities
  • Comprehensive CSR programmes
  • A diverse portfolio of clients and sectors to draw valuable lessons
  • Integration, innovation and best practice shared

Integrating technology, people and intelligence not only reduces cost, it can improve the overall safety and security of the services on which we all depend.

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