Our Approach

Distribution centres are at the core of the UK’s retail and logistics industry. Customers demand increasingly rapid turnarounds of large volumes of goods, and the timely management of vehicles and people across large and complex sites.

VSG works with some of the UK’s highest profile retailers and distributors to keep people, goods, facilities and vehicles safe and secure.

We add value every step of the way by developing solutions that make the best use of manpower, technology, intelligence and process; providing comprehensive proposals which identify and mitigate security weaknesses, threats and vulnerabilities, while also supporting your health and safety agenda.

Trained and highly motivated security personnel provide visual deterrent and rapid response capability, supported by carefully designed, activity enabling security systems and intelligence.

Through monitoring and analysis, we can profile your business, creating a detailed picture of risk patterns and crime trends by tracking worker, visitor and vehicle activity and behaviours.

  • Solution design to optimise manpower and technology
  • Right people, right time, right skills
  • Assessing people, visitors and vehicles to spot irregularities
  • Embedding safer work practices to protect people
  • Creating secure perimeters and systems to protect your business

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