Shopping centres present one of the greatest security challenges, as they’re a people masses migrating to retail and leisure amenities at the same time, quite often oblivious to the world and dangers around them with a single mission – shopping, working and socialising.

Security and risk mitigation needs to include higher degrees of preventative counter terrorism threats (either by ‘lone wolfs’ or individuals), crime (whether opportunistic or organised), gangs, general security breaches and manager accidents and general incidents. Intelligence is the single biggest consideration behind safety planning and successfully protecting shopping centres and retail parks. It ensures that accurate information is shared with a communication command respond group to prevent and handle incidents, guiding the public and emergency services as required. VSG’s shopping centre experience enables us to identify areas where we can bring the most efficient security cover and add value wherever we can

  • Complete internal/external estate management from perimeters, shops, public spaces and car parking
  • Technology and surveillance monitoring
  • Real time intelligence feeds from VSG’s GSOC
  • People movement pattern heat pattern and number analysis
  • Control centre management/mobile team and response unit management
  • 24/7 365 support, including out of hours cover and temporary building security repairs


Credible high profile visibility cover supported by in depth expertise and state of the art digital and technological situational intelligence networks

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