The public sector presents a great opportunity for VSG to bring real value to stretched public purse budgets and resources by careful needs analysis mapping and consultancy.

We believe that we can provide a greater level of security and risk mitigation through smarter working practices by understanding the working requirements in detail for each location and environment that we are requested to provide cover for.

  • GSOC capabilities – working with London Centric Intelligence/Security Agencies
  • Public sector compliance competence experience, able to actively contribute to process mapping
  • Ability to work on long term frameworks as solvent dependable resource backed by the world’s leading outsourced service business (Compass Group)
  • Better use of technology to monitor remote and lone workers to reduce manned guardian needs
  • Active analysis to monitor peaks and troughs of location activity and security demands
  • VSG leaders in CSR, HSE and social issue care and management


If there’s one thing we understand, it’s making better use of limited resource and avoiding waste and duplication. It not only saves money, but ensures better safer working practices that matter to all.

How can I find out more about VSG services?

Speak to one of our dedicated specialist team to find out more. You can call our team on 01604 744000 or email us at


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