Understanding the corporate, banking and commercial market place is an achievement that we are genuinely proud of.

It’s an environment where great emphasis is placed upon the visible tangible presence of our people, their demeanour and way that they unobtrusively adapt to our client’s culture. We assess our team, identifying the appropriate skills and levels from our talent pool to find the best suited people with skills to work in high profile environments, where they and we are in spotlight all day, every day. Our teams work within your culture as part of your team, seamlessly an unobtrusively providing a reassuring presence to employees and visitors alike

  • Ideal blend of polished performance supported by our VSG Academy
  • Adept at meeting our clients values and standards
  • Skilled communicators acting as client ambassadors
  • Connected to our central communications and intelligence hub
  • Reliable, credible and friendly
  • Trained to respond to a range of internal/external threats and scenarios
  • High level training and skills develop to extend guardian functional support


Ensuring that your business never skips a beat by ensuring our credible skilled team keep security protocols and systems operating without a ripple

How can I find out more about VSG services?

Speak to one of our dedicated specialist team to find out more. You can call our team on 01604 744000 or email us at info@vsg.co.uk.


Thank you for your enquiry. A member of the team will be in contact with you shortly.