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So why is pre-employment screening so important?

Besides the obvious answers such as regulatory requirements and legal protection, screening actually engenders a feeling of a more secure workplace for staff - everyone is aware what checks all colleagues have gone through to secure a role within the business and that can be very re-assuring knowledge.

The ability to detract fraudulent applicants from making it through the recruitment process undetected significantly lowers the risk of corporate fraud occurring within your business.

Concerted effort to reduce/ prevent employee theft, workplace violence, sexual harassment, alcohol & substance abuse and absenteeism.

According to the British Chambers of Commerce, crime costs UK businesses £19,000,000,000 a year and up to 50% of these losses are believed to be due to internal theft and fraud.

Employment screening and staff vetting discourages applicants with something to hide and those job-seekers who are looking to secure positions that they are not qualified to undertake.

The main consequences of poor hiring decisions can include reputational damage, significant financial risk and cost of re-hiring for the role.

Cost per hire can amount to thousands of pounds for each role, yet employment screening would represent a tiny percentage of that cost to ensure that you avoid making preventable bad hiring decisions.

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