VSG Verify



VSG Verify have made significant investments in bringing the latest and most advanced technology to our operations.

We understand that one of the biggest challenges to in-house screening is keeping track of the status of all your candidates and ensuring that all checks are completed effectively. VSG Verify uses a leading screening workflow software system to manage significant volumes of background checks.

The system not only allows the secure storage of documentation and database management, but also creates automated chase lists guaranteeing that no check will remain dormant or 'lost' in the system to ensure that all checks are completed on time.

Technology allows us to create a workflow process to customize specific screening packages for clients. So you can be sure that whatever type or volume of checks you require, our system will ensure that nothing gets left to chance.

Call our experts to discuss your screening requirements: 0845 838 7285, or email us with your enquiry: vsgverify@vsg.co.uk