VSG Verify



Knowing where to start when implementing or enhancing a background screening and vetting policy can be very confusing, particularly if there are no industry-specific regulations dictating what checks you must perform. What are you hoping to achieve and what are you looking for when the results come back?

VSG Verify will spend time with you looking at your roles and hiring patterns to identify what employment screening checks will help mitigate your risks, and how the results will enable you to make informed recruitment decisions.

It is important to keep checking people periodically for new risks after they have started work or if they change roles within the business - within the Private Sector this practice is referred to as 'vetting'. The risks we first identified will remain as long as the role is in service. We can create a plan to vet your staff regularly to ensure there is no increase in risk due to changes in their circumstances.

VSG Verfiy also provide Screening Consultancy, Screening Audit & Compliance, and a unique Master Screener Service for clients.

Call our experts to find our more or to discuss your screening requirements: 0845 838 7285, or email us with your enquiry: david.cole@vsg.co.uk