VSG Verify



There are specific responsibilities held by team supervisors, from cash handling and staff management to site lock-up and customer relations. Your detailed interview process will identify the appropriate character for your role and our screening package will authenticate the details.

Suggested suite of checks to mitigate this risk:

  • UK Consumer Credit Search - Will show any severe financial difficulties which may lead to temptation to acquire monies illegally. Financial probity check including CCJs, bankrupcy and voluntary arrangements
  • Employment Eligibility Check - Candidate's Right to Work in the UK will be verified
  • ID Verification - Using algorithmic checking systems we can check the authenticity of ID documents provided
  • Address Check - Proving where the employee currently lives is important to confirm identity and if there is any requirement for contact with them after they leave
  • Employment Verification (three years) - As the supervisor hold significant responsibility we would request details of their previous employment for the previous three years. The results of these will allow you as the hiring manager to make an informed decision

Advising job applicants that these checks will be undertaken as part of the recruitment process can often act as a deterrent for people with dishonest intentions.

Call our experts to discuss your screening requirements: 0845 838 7285, or email us with your enquiry: vsgverify@vsg.co.uk