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Contractors can pose significant risks due to the variable nature of the position. Contractors can be self-employed, company directors, or work under handling agents. Contractors will often have frequent periods not working and many of their clients will not give references due to them not being the employer.

Suggested suite of checks to mitigate this risk:

  • Criminal Record Check - Will show any unspent convictions, and can be used to reassure that periods not covered by references were not spent in incarceration
  • UK Consumer Credit Search - Will show any severe financial difficulties which may lead to temptation to acquire monies illegally
  • Employment Eligibility - To establish the person is legally entitled to work in the UK
  • Identity Verification - Using algorithmic checking systems we can check the authenticity of ID documents provided
  • Address Check - Obtaining confirmation of an employee's current address is important to confirm identity and in case there is any requirement to contact them after employment is terminated
  • Companies House Check - If the contractor is self employed we can check the corporation details of their company, including registered address and up to date tax returns
  • UK Directorship Check - For contractors who are company directors, we can check their status
  • Check of Academic and Professional Qualifications - We will check with the awarding body if the contractor has obtained the qualifications that they have stated in order to prove suitability for the work they will carry out
  • Employment References - We would approach the two most recent clients of the contractor and request detailed references to verify the information supplied by the contractor

Advising job applicants that these checks will be done can often act as a deterrent for people with dishonest intentions.

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