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Drivers are at risk on a daily basis, and therefore can put your company at risk if they are not correctly licensed every day they are on the job. A very specific set of screening checks can identify and continue to mitigate risks involved in this role.

Ensuring that your drivers' licences are valid and continuously checked is more important than ever since the Corporate Manslaughter Act was introduced in 2007 with senior management now at risk of heavy fines and custodial sentences if they fail to have the appropriate systems in place to check driver records and entitlements.

Suggested suite of checks to mitigate this risk:

  • Right to Work and Identity Check - To establish the authenticity of ID documents and checking that the candidate is legally entitled to work in the UK
  • Address Check - Obtaining confirmation of an employee's current address is important to confirm identity and in case there is any requirement to contact them after employment is terminated
  • Criminal Record Check - To show if any unspent criminal convictions are held on record.We would look specifically for unspent driving offences
  • DVLA Licence Check - Ensuring appropriate entitlements are held for the vehicles the person will be required to drive and checking for any disqualifications and endorsement points
  • Updated DVLA Checks - A drivers license may be revoked or incur points at any time. Our periodical refresh check will keep you up to date with any endorsements or disqualifications

Regularly checking the points and validity of a licence with the DVLA will mitigate this significant risk.

Advising job applicants that these checks will be undertaken as part of the recruitment process can often act as a deterrent for people with dishonest intentions.

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